I love @N2FGC and Art #AudioMo

The reason why I am in love with Lee and Art. Lee is almost blind she is married to Art. Art is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Lee decided to take part in the #AudioMo challenge, but she did it for the most awesome reason I have ever known. She is recording Art’s memories, she is recording them to save them for when he is robbed of them by the disease.

I have listened to many of their conversations and the thing that stands out is how deeply in love they are, and how deeply Lee wants to keep her husbands memories. I am genuinely humbled that they have taken part in #AudioMo and I truly hope Lee keeps recording Art’s memories after #AudioMo finishes on the 30th June. I think they should have their own hashtag #ArtsMemories ;)

#AudioMo means a lot to me, I get to meet people that truly touch my heart and make me feel emotions I had long lost.


Some people think hashtag month long challenges are a piece of shit.

Personally I think #AudioMo is different.

#AudioMo is 7 years old and over the last couple of years has become a trusted place to share. I am proud of this hashtag. It has become more than a hashtag, it is a true community.

The people that take part and share and connect make it the most amazing hashtag out there. I am humbled that people trust #AudioMo so much to post posts like the one embedded above.

I kind of joked about #AudioMo

So I kind of joked about a challenge I was set while taking part in #AudioMo this year. #AudioMo being in June, you can find the info about #AudioMo at audiomo.net or by following them on Twitter @audiomo.

Anyway someone has challenged me to grow a beard. I have had a good old think about it and I will. The thing that made me change my mind was reading about Beards Against the Cancer, the hashtag for that is #beardsagainstthecancer and the site can be found at beardsagainstthecancer.tumblr.com

Last year I gave up alcohol while doing the #AudioMo challenge. This year I think the cause is a better one.

I would love it if you joined me and took part in the #AudioMo challenge this year. Thank you for taking the time to listen to the embedded audio and reading this

On a cellular level


Above is my old Motorola A1000, it was the very first phone I owned on the 3 mobile phone network. The phone itself was a hoot to own. The stereo speakers made it a heck of a loud phone. I still think to this day it is, in volume terms still the loudest phone I’ve owned. All my mates were wandering round with Nokia 8280’s and perfectly happy, until they heard my A1000 ring :)


Above is my newest phone. The HTC One M8. A lot of people have asked me why I chose this phone. Why didn’t I hold on for the Sony Xperia Z2. It is simple, I also moved mobile phone operator when picking this new phone. The mobile phone operator is 3. This got me thinking about the first phone I used on their network, the Motorola A1000 and how much fun it was. The HTC One M8 launch event reminded me of that fun too.

I’ve owned the Sony Xperia Z1, it’s a technical work of genius, the feel and experience of using it just felt clinical. I feel that will be the case with the Sony Xperia Z2. I have the same feeling with my Nokia Lumia 1020. I want my mobile experience to be an experience that is fun. The booming sounds that blast out of the HTC One M8’s speakers takes me back to the Motorola A1000 and the reactions that got. Plus snapping quick pictures and messing around with them is so much fun on the HTC One M8. So the choice was with heart rather than head, and that’s the point.

Below is my very first mobile phone. The Sony CMD Z1, Sony do like the letter Z. This phone ran on the BT Cellnet network. If you put the phone in your shirt pocket your heart would change beat.


Personally none of the phones I flit between will ever replace my iPhone. The iPhone will always be a constant in my mobile life. For me it’s the complete package.

Why not just own an iPhone? I do, I have a lovely iPhone 5S. I use phones that run other OS’s to better understand what could work in different aspects of personal and work life.